Three Words You Should Never Use in an Email – HNN #12

Let’s be honest: we both get WAY too many emails. WAY TOO MANY.

I reply to most, BUT each day emails die in “inbox purgatory”. They’re like little angels that never stood a chance.

Here’s the thing: I found that my unanswered emails have something in common. Three words. Three words that we all misuse. Three words that make it painful for me to reply.

Mattan and I will share these three words. And teach you how to never misuse them again…

What else is on Hacker News Nation #12?

  • Announcing… our new weekly contest for startup entrepreneurs!
  • Why you don’t actually need jQuery
  • Chris & Mattan’s favorite dating tips (you won’t believe it)

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As a founder, what is your salary? – HNN#10

This week on HNN! Mattan freestyle raps from his diary!


-find out how much $$$ Chris and Mattan make
-Impress your friends: Build a Web Scraper in 10 minutes
-Nathan Barry’s Lessons Learned Selling $355,759 on GumRoad (and the iPhone App Store)

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Q: Hacker News Nation, what Camera Do You Use?

One Month Camera & Audio

View from above

Quite often we get asked “What camera do you use?”

Here’s a rundown of our equipment. This is the basic setup that we use to make our Hacker News Nation show, and the One Month Rails screencasts.

Live Video Gear

Screencast Gear

Live Audio

  • Sennheiser ME66/K6 – $459 (this mic is an amazing shotgun!) 
  • Rode NT2A – $399.00 (we use this for our classes, and voice over only now)
  • Apogee One – $249.00
  • ProLine MS112 Desk Boom Mic Stand – $29.99


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