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Google’s Launches the “Made with Code” Campaign

I wish I didn’t know how to code. That way I could watch Google’s Made with Code videos and get inspired all over again. These videos are so much fun to watch!

Google recently invested $50million in the project, and has hired comedian Mindy Kaling as a spokeswoman. The site is focused on bringing code to women, but it’s inspirational for any girl (or boy) who ever thought that coding was only for nerds.

Google has even made live coding experts available so you can asks questions during Made with Code: FREE Office hours

Seriously, just watch some of the fashion/art/life-changing projects people are making with code. Here are our favorite 3 innovators! Watch for yourself:

1. Ayah Bdeir creates interactive art with her company Little Bits

2. Danielle Feinberg breathes life into Pixar characters

3. Erica Kochi brings help to third world countries through Unicef

Watch all the videos here.

What do you think of Google’s campaign? Comment below!